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if people get offended by girls not wearing bras because their nipples poke through their shirt then we should require every boy in the world to wear bras too i am so tired of seeing man nipples

Jim Morrison is the only performer in rock history to have been arrested on stage during a performance (in New Haven, Connecticut, Dec. 10, 1967).

He talked shit about the ‘pig’ of a cop that maced him right before their concert. Apparently, the cop didn’t know it was Morrison and said that he was sorry and that it was a mistake. 
During the last song of his concert, Morrison started telling the audience the story of what had just happened and started talking shit about the police about how fucked up it is to have the right to mace kids that are unknown that are causing no harm but its a mistake to mace a celebrity. 

During the middle of his story, he was arrested and was charged with breach of peace, resisting arrest and indecent or immoral exhibition and something dumb like inciting a riot.

Look at how he cannot give a single fuck


i want to be rebellious but i dont want to get in trouble  


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ayyy i am escaping sadness


I’m making friends at college


yeah I listen to rock music


"all girls dress the same"